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Dr. Emma Frost, Superhero

Emma delivers her message with passion, enthusiasm and humour. Using stories from her life, career and volunteer experiences, Emma will inspire her audiences to reflect on their life paths, re-evaluate their destinations, and motivate them to achieve success

Interactive 30 - 90 minute presentations are delivered using visual aids, including power-point or handouts. All presentations are customizable for the audience (for example: size, age, industry, meeting theme, delegates), which ensures the delivery of an effective, focused and inspirational message. Prior to any presentation, Emma will meet with the organizers to understand their requirements. Handouts or training materials are provided as applicable.


"Emma was hired to present at a Company of Women Winnipeg network meeting. Her detailed and amusing comic book figures used in the Power Point kept our attention and emphasized her message about being a leader in your own business. The analogies she drew were most expressive and easily understood. Thank you, Emma. We enjoyed your very professional keynote which was excellent and very thought provoking." - Cheron Long-Landes, Company of Women

Keynote titles:

Emma presenting her superhero keynote

Leadership Lessons from Superheroes

In this humourous look at developing leadership skills, Emma reminds us of the many leadership lessons we learned in childhood from comic book superheroes. She takes these examples and applies them to real life situations providing a blueprint for increased success for everyone.

The Quick and Easy Way to Take Control of Your Life

It often takes someone else to point out where we are going wrong. The problem is, how can we create transformational change in our life and unleash our fabulous? Emma uses her experiences as teacher, coach and mentor, daughter to help audiences recognise themselves in her stories. She outlines the 5-step process to take control of your life and Rule Your World!

Winning Women!

Having survived 32 years in the male-dominated field of scientific research, Emma uses her experience to empower women to carve out their own path for success. Her message inspires, using humor and personal stories of her own experiences to connect. Emma shows how you can develop your leadership skills to stand out from the crowd, get noticed for all the right reasons, and achieve your or professional goals.

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